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Personalised Beach Camp

Over 11 years of Beach Camp at Cockle Bay says something, I know what works to help you get what you want! Why Personalised?...I try taking on only take 3-10 people per session. Making sure your technique is accurate. Keeping you safe from injury and taking care of past injuries while getting strong, lean and keeping you motivated to eat nourishing food. These sweaty sessions are fun, social and inspiring! We learn that you don't have to be a runner to get fit and healthy and its ok to work at your own pace as we all started somewhere. You will realised you are not a number and will be acknowledged and  feel welcome in an environment for all fitness levels. You will love the options - on the beach, in studio on rainy days, live online, unable to join on time and need the recording. You won't need fancy equipment to join our fun and varied sessions. 

18.30 Tue, 19.00 Thurs, 8.00 Sat

I offer a range of options for 6-10 Week Challenges to help kick start your health and fitness habits. Lets talk about what might work best for you!

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