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Beach Camp (Mum-friendly)

You may have heard of boot camp, well at So Inspired Fitness we do Beach Camp! Our VIIT (varied intensity interval training) suits Woman who prefer a multi level training approach to individual fitness and ability needs. You will love the options - on the beach, in studio on rainy days, live online, unable to join on time and  need the recording. You won't need fancy equipment to join our fun and varied sessions.

Whether or not you bring a child, you're welcome to our Mum friendly sessions

9:15-10 Monday / Wednesday / Friday at Cockle Bay Beach, the So Inspired Studio or anywhere in the world. At times we just don't have a choice but to exercise when we are tired and feel too busy with the craziness of balancing work or young family life. I really get this as I have had to try keep fit with my little boys beside me, it can be a challenge but we choose our hard and opt for a "lets just do our best today' attitude.

I offer a range of options for 6-10 Week Challenges to help kick start your health and fitness habits. Lets talk about what might work best for you!


Sarah x

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